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Welcome to ELCA 2020, the place to be to level up your English proficiency without attending those boring lectures and doing dreadful exercises.

The English Language Carnival (ELCA) is an annual event aimed to provide Higher Education students the opportunities to use English outside the classrooms and motivate them to enhance their English competency.

Each year, it is co-organized by the Malaysian Higher Education Department and a Public University as a host. 

This year, UTM has the honor of hosting ELCA 2020 amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic and economic downturn.

This is the very first time ELCA is going fully online.

ELCA 2020 will be held on 1-10 December 2020 and it is going to be filled with exciting games and fun activities that not only allow students to have fun and make friends, but also improve their English proficiency and confidence level.


  • ELCA Today
  • Respawn
  • Soundscape
  • Acting Challenge
  • Connected Creativity

We get it. This is not the best of time for many people. Some are feeling hopeless. Some are feeling angry. Some are feeling threatened. And the threats are real. We feel you.

But the show must go on! We refuse to give up. We refuse to stay down. This won’t be our excuse to stop delivering value. And it shouldn’t be your excuse to stop upgrading yourself.

Please realize…

While some people are getting sick and some even perished, some are getting fitter, healthier, and stronger.

While some people are getting fired, broke, or bankrupt, some are getting richer, adding new streams of income, multiplying their return on investments.

While some people are getting stressed, getting depressed, getting lonely, some are meeting new people, amending broken relationships, discovering true love, living happier than ever before.

“If you want to turn tragedy into triumph, change your perception and change the MEANING. Instead of asking yourself ‘why is this happening to me?’, ask yourself ‘what is God teaching me this time?’

In the end, be it triumph or tragedy, life is a test and a series of trials.”

Let that sink in!

Stay safe. Stay strong. Enjoy the show…

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